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About Tormod Tvete Vik

Tormod Tvete Vik (born 1975) is a Norwegian composer living in Gothenburg, Sweden since 2002. He is a classically trained composer working in many different fields and has a stronge urge to communicate with the listeners through his music. Composing for Tormod is all about storytelling which he explores both in concert music and film music.

He started to play the violin at the age of 6, studied violin and composition/arranging at the Academy of Music in Trondheim (NTNU) and worked as a professional violinist in his own string quartet as well as the professional string orchestra Trondheim Soloists touring around the world - before dedicating his career to creating music instead. 

Tormod has composed music for strings, choir, wind band and symphony orchestra with works published by all the major publishers in Scandinavia. Besides composing for the concert scene Tormod has worked on 15 film & TV-productions. 

One of Tormods recent projects adapting Edvard Grieg´s music from «Peer Gynt» for Hardanger Fiddle (Ragnhild Hemsing) and string orchestra (Trondheim Soloists) released on Berling Classics, has got great reviews and was recently featured in a ballet by the Australian Ballet Company. 

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