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Electric Violin Concerto

Electric Violin Concerto is a musical apocalypse. The “Elvari” is accompanied by a string orchestra through 4 movements with a total duration of 15 minutes. The work was developed in close collaboration between composer Tormod Tvete Vik and soloist Jens Elfving in 2019 and 2020. This project is made possible with support from TONO, NOPA & Kompoinstenes Vederlagsfond (Norway). The premiere was in Falun 15.april 2023 with Dalarnas Orkesterförening, conducted by Niklas Tamm.

We wanted to explore the sound world of the electric violin and create a violin concerto in the same spirit and artistic quality as the classical violin concertos that are played in the concert halls today. Throughout music history, composers have often written violin concertos in close collaboration with soloists. Early on we understood why and decided to do this together.

We wanted to comment on history and add something new. Create something that lasts over time and becomes an important part of the violin repertoire. An “electric” concerto, in every sense of the word, with a traditional form that orchestras can use as a gateway to heavier and longer musical works. A familiar experience for the experienced audience, and a relatable symphonic concert experience for the new audience, who may only have experienced symphonic music previously through film music. An anchor to connect new musical experiences to.

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