Lament for String Orchestra (2011)

was commissioned with support from Norwegian Composers Fund by Trondheim Soloists for it´s youth string orchestra Junior Soloists and had it´s first performance on their tour to Siena, Italy october 2011. Buy online at Sheet Music Plus here….

Lament for string quartet (2011/2016)

originally composed for string orchestra in 2011 orchestrated 2016 for string quartet by the composer himself. Buy online at Sheet Music Plus here….

Mässa till Ljus från Mörker (Mass to Lightness from Darkness)

25 min. Choir (SATB), Soprano soloist, String Ensemble + Organ.
The piece had it´s premiere in october 2013 and was commissioned by Skallsjö Församling for the 150 anniversary of Skallsjö Church in Floda, Sweden. Published by Sensus Körförbund/Gehrmans Musikförlag.
Buy sheet music here.

Jolevariasjonar (2012)

6 min piece based on old Norwegian christmans songs for choir SATB & string orchestra + opt trumpets, commissioned by Oslo Kammerorkester & Akademisk Korforening. Published by Musikk-Husets forlag Oslo.
Buy sheet music here.

Pilgrims Crossing Borders (2015)

10 min, commission consisting of psalms for a pilgrim trip from Trondheim, Norway to Jerusalem passing Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy & Jerusalem.

Nääs Wedding Suite (2012)

Wedding music for string orchestra (quartet) or organ inspired by the surroundings of Nääs Castle outside Gothenburg.
- Nääs Wedding March (even version for organ)
- Intermezzo
- Nääs Wedding Waltz

Nordic Folk Songs

3 Nordic folk songs arranged for string orchestra.
- Byssan lull (Nordic)
- Ut i vår hage (Swedish)
- Visur Vatsenda-rosu (Iceland)


Suite for Hope (2016)

7 min ...for diversity, unity and enjoyment of playing together. Composed by Tormod Tvete Vik for mixed string orchestra + optional winds and brass. The piece was commissioned by Norwegian Youth Orchestra Organization Unof Rogaland and was performed in Stavanger Concerthouse 7.february 2016 by 171 young musicians (6 to 18 y.o) and 14 lecturers. Conductor: Bastien Ricquebourg.

Norwegian Landscapes (2008)

for youth string orchestra or full symphony orchestra. Commissioned by the Norwegian Youth Orchestra Association (UNOF) for the for the «Orchestra Festival 2008 - O08» in Sandnes (NO). Published by TTV Music Publishing.

STRINGS (beginners)
Violin 1, 2 and open string parts, Viola, Cello, Contrabass

2-2-2-2, 4-3-3-1, Timpani, Drum Set, Strings

Norwegian Landscapes was sucsessfully performed by all the participant of the festival (800!) forming a MEGA orchestra in a sports hall with Tormod as a the conductor. A once in a life time experience....

Cosmos (2008)

for youth string orchestra. Commisioned by Kozmos String Orchestra (SWE).

4 Temperaments (2000)

for youth string orchestra. Commisioned by Byåsen Strykeorkester (NO).

Livsløp (1999)

for youth string orchestra. Commissioned by Åsvang Skoles Strykeorkester (NO)
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